Investing In India- your number one priority.

Jim Walker’s recent observations on India: The invest-in-India story is a 5-10-year event, not a one-year politically-induced rally. We are as positive on Indian stocks today, as we were eighteen months ago. Moody’s upgrade [of India] is appropriate… The government is committed to steady fiscal consolidation and I don’t think anyone should doubt it onContinue reading “Investing In India- your number one priority.”

The Healthcare Market in India & How to Succeed in India-the Abbott Experience.

“In a way that no spreadsheet or PowerPoint ever could, this experience [a visit to a local pharmacy in Mumbai] drove home to me how crucial it was for us at Abbott to be part of India’s health-care solution.”– Miles White, Chairman & CEO, Abbott Laboratories. Nothing succeeds like success. And here is a first person accountContinue reading “The Healthcare Market in India & How to Succeed in India-the Abbott Experience.”

Thick Crust Pizzas and the Great India Opportunity

Business owners often ask me “Which industries, do you think, have good potential in India?” My response has always been “Practically any”.

Let me give you an example: We all know that India has been going through an IT and BPO boom for years now, with companies running 24X7 offices where young Indians answer customer calls and write code for organizations from Seattle to Sydney. One such location which has a concentration of such IT companies is what’s referred to, as the IT Corridor, in Chennai in India- an area called OMR. Thousands of youth, male and female

Canada, India & the Middle East: The Opportunity Triangle

If you are in the business of International Trade or if you are a Canadian entrepreneur or SME looking to explore the potential for your business in global markets, this year’s FITT’s 14th National Conference: The Road to Trade Success must interest you. I will be one of the speakers at this event at HolidayContinue reading “Canada, India & the Middle East: The Opportunity Triangle”