The Rmagine Promise

All that you Need to Know on Entering New, International Markets

  • Thoroughly researched market & category information
  • Realistic opportunity analysis & potential challenges
  • Imaginative, inventive marketing solutions
  • Bespoke, unique answers to each business scenario including alternative options & strategies
  • Leverage all available resources & incentives from federal and provincial governments
  • Thorough due diligence work on potential partners
  • Reduce cost of entry- money, effort & time
  • Simplify & remove fear of the unknown in a new market
  • Manage perceptions & expectations of partners
  • Quick face time with the most appropriate- customers, potential partners, government, banking, regulatory bodies, lawyers
  • Enable and act as catalysts to striking the right partnerships
  • Bring into play soft skills and knowledge of the local psyche  in the negotiations
  • Minimize risk, accelerate entry

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