Market Entry

Business Advisory on Market Entry: India, Middle East, UK, Europe, U.S.A and Canada

As market specialists with a clear focus on high growth economies and international markets, Rmagine provides clear, simple yet insightful information, to help you make informed decisions.

Going international or going global can be through one of five modes:
Foreign Direct Investment- part ownership of local company or 100% foreign owned start-up
Joint Venture
Licensing- to manufacture or distribute/act as agent

Whatever your intent may be, Rmagine can be your consultant and enabler, offering a mix of services. To know more about what we can deliver: Scope

Whether you are a major corporation or an SME, our unmatched insider’s knowledge of the markets and the mindset, will help shape your global plans.
Call us for an Information & Exploratory Meeting. It will be, time well spent.

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