Digital Marketing

The Challenge is the Opportunity

Small and Medium Enterprises [SMEs’] all over the world recognize that the world around them is going digital. Business owners often agree that their business is not adapting to the change as fast as some others. But this challenge can easily be converted to opportunity, because we are at just the start of a phenomenon that is transforming business and marketing.

The key stumbling block is talent. Forrester Research’s study of businesses in North America shows 74% of businesses say they have a digital strategy but only 16% feel they have the skills and capabilities. It is this gap that Rmagine seeks to fill through their partnership with Rage Communications, India.

India, today, is to Information Technology what the U.S. or Germany is to car manufacturing. Companies, globally, buy over $100 Billion worth of software services, every year, out of India. Rmagine’s partnership brings that India Advantage, in the areas of Web, E- Commerce and Digital Marketing, to SMEs’ in Canada and the U.S.

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