Client Feedback

“It would be a pleasure to recommend to others. And BDC will continue to call upon the services and expertise of Alex Alagappan and his team” 

– Regional Director, Global expansion, business development bank of canada [bdc]

Rmagine has two types of clients: The first are companies from Canada, US, India and the Middle East who directly appoint Rmagine as its Market Entry Strategy Consultancy. The second type are companies who are clients of BDC- Business Development Bank of Canada. Work on BDC client companies happen by virtue of the fact that Rmagine’s Founder, Alex Alagappan is a Roster Management Consultant for the Business Development Bank of Canada [BDC]. So many of the projects pertaining to BDC’s clients in Canada who want to expand into Middle East or India are managed by Alex and the team at Rmagine.

The Feedback Sheet, shared by BDC’s Regional Director for Global Expansion, was on one of the projects for a BDC client.  This is a comprehensive testimony to the quality of strategic inputs that Rmagine delivers on each project. It also gives clear pointers on the kind of value that Rmagine is capable of adding to a client’s strategic move of market expansion and entering emerging new markets.

Overall Role

“… contribution can perhaps be summed up from the point-of-view of the client: The client, Hooper Welding, who sets the bar high, was very keen that Alex be assigned as the consultant at every stage of the project. Consequently BDC asked that he be the key consultant on Hooper Welding’s expansion plans for the Middle East.”

Business Understanding and Delivery beyond expectations:

“…understood the client’s business and his specific needs….offered very practical insights into a very complicated marketplace. The resources and knowledge to market entry in the Middle East offered by Alex and his team allowed Hooper to consider so much more than expected”

Knowledge base, Research & Strategic Thinking:

“…undertook a detailed market research across the AGCC Countries to establish the viability of the global venture and created a very effective market entry strategy….reach and traction in the market spoke to the depth of information on the market and the caliber of the strategic planning in creating the market entry strategy”

Client Testimonial- Business Development Bank of Canada [BDC]
Market Entry Strategy & Partner Selection: Client Testimonial- Business Development Bank of Canada [BDC]

Partner Selection & Due Diligence:

“….identified and arranged meetings with key decision makers in the industry, to be considered as potential allies/partners…..The effort and efficiency of the planning behind the potential partner due diligence was reflected in the quality of the meetings that Hooper had during their Middle East visit”

Ownership, Client Trust and Success Focus:

“The level of ownership and concern for the client’s success, earned the respect and trust of both Hooper Welding and of BDC, The insights offered  and the post project evaluations and discussions provided a tremendous service and benefit to BDC and enhanced our relationship with our client”

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