Namaskaar and aalay-kum-salaam are ways to say hello and greet those you meet in India and the Middle East, respectively.

If you’d like to say hello to one of us, just be spontaneous and give in to the impulse. Call us!

If you are on the verge of examining a web site re-build or looking to create your e-commerce site or need advice and management of your monthly digital marketing needs, it would be great if we can chat. All it means is you would get to understand one other option that your company can evaluate on whatever web solutions it may need.

If you are an advertising agency or a digital marketing agency looking for a best-of-breed digital partner from India to work with you on your projects the Rmagine- Rage partnership can make that happen.

On expanding into emerging markets, even if you are not sure whether this is the moment that you should venture forth into a strange land beyond, call us for us to have an exploratory chat. We’d be happy to meet, with no obligations whatsoever. Our base is Toronto.

Alex Alagappan, Founder Partner, Rmagine

Toronto I I +1 416 315 6056

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