Rmagine [pronounced “Rimagine”] is a Toronto based strategy consultancy focused on bridging Canada & the US markets with India, the Middle East & Europe. The two practice areas of strategic work are Digital Marketing & Market Entry Strategy. In both areas, we believe, we help re-imagine the future of businesses.

Digital Marketing
Rmagine is the North American Associate of Rage Communications, India and offers Canadian and U.S. companies the India Advantage on best-of-breed digital marketing and web solutions. Fortune 500 companies, globally, value India’s powerhouse strength in IT. Rmagine brings India’s expertise in Web Solutions to the North American market through our partnership with Rage Communications. Rmagine & Rage work with Canadian & U.S. clients who are looking to bring greater value to their dollar spends on website creation, e-commerce and online/digital marketing, including social media marketing.

Purpose: To ignite change, pace, ideas & growth into businesses through global business and the web

Market Entry Strategy
Across Canada & the US there is an increasing  belief that business needs to gear itself differently to meet the demands of the future. And that it is time for a product or service’s ambition to stretch beyond its current market.

The Market Entry Strategy practice, with associate consultants in each country, deals with strategic planning for Canadian & US based organizations who would like to expand into emerging markets like Middle East & India. Rmagine conducts the market research to estimate the opportunity; helps clients understand the market dynamics of the industry or category; maps the competition & recommends the right market entry strategy. We also provide advisory services on potential partner identification and introduction in India or the Middle East, as part of enabling market entry.

Purpose: Be the opportunity catalyst & matchmaker for Canadian, American, European, Indian & Middle Eastern businesses

If you are looking towards the rest of the globe, Rmagine can be your Market Entry Strategist for two geographies- one  comprising the wealthiest nations of the world; the other a home to a billion consumers. Middle East & India. Alternatively, if you are a business in the Middle East or India or Europe, looking for a partner from North America or looking to invest in a business in the US or Canada, we can help.