The Five I-Edge of R

Five Steps to International or Global Markets

Information, Intelligence, Insight, Ideation and Introduction– The five I-Edge of Rmagine captures the way we approach any project.

Data and perspectives. Qual & quant research.
The written and the unpublished. Tested concepts & street talk.
Knowledge & interpretation. Example & Intuition.
All of this form the first three Is’- Information, Intelligence & Insight– of any project that we take on.
As market, marketing and management experts, our mandate is to also take all this Information, Intelligence & Insight and view it through the lens of our business  instinct.
And then meaningfully present inventive solutions and ideas that can lead onto a logical, well-considered decision on market entry. This, we label as the Ideation stage, perhaps the stage that exemplifies our name- to rmagine .
And then comes the Introduction. If commercial intelligence is critical to business decision making, cultural intelligence is not very far behind. Intuitive judgement that comes from a deep understanding of the stakeholders involved, their chemistry and mindset.  An approach that is aimed at building long term partnerships not short term deal making, are the hallmarks of this phase.
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