The Healthcare Market in India & How to Succeed in India-the Abbott Experience.

“In a way that no spreadsheet or PowerPoint ever could, this experience [a visit to a local pharmacy in Mumbai] drove home to me how crucial it was for us at Abbott to be part of India’s health-care solution.”– Miles White, Chairman & CEO, Abbott Laboratories. Nothing succeeds like success. And here is a first person accountContinue reading “The Healthcare Market in India & How to Succeed in India-the Abbott Experience.”

Opportunities in The Middle East Petrochemical Industries

McKinsey’s paper on the Middle East’s Petrochemical Industry is beneficial in two ways, however for two very different companies. At the first level it provides insights for the region’s petrochem industry on what they ought to do with an eye on the future. However it also gives a keen reader sitting in Canada or theContinue reading “Opportunities in The Middle East Petrochemical Industries”

In business, you’ve got to skate to where the puck will be.

And not to where it is. Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote on how he plays ice hockey is absolutely true to business as well. Especially so, in today’s seismic shifts that are happening in the global marketplace. To those in business in Canada and the US, this maxim is a surefire test for how their corporateContinue reading “In business, you’ve got to skate to where the puck will be.”

India’s Knowledge Economy & Education

To truly understand the implications of any concept, it really helps if we can quantify and project the ‘what if’ scenario. What will become of India as a knowledge powerhouse in the world of the future? What will be the value of India’s human capital, looking into the future? How important is education’s role inContinue reading “India’s Knowledge Economy & Education”

India Grocery Retail Update: Walmart, Metro, Carrefour & Booker plans.

Walmart, through its Indian Joint Venture Bharti-Walmart for cash-an-carry outlets, will be investing close to $ 240 million in 2012, to open 12 to 15 wholesale outlets, in addition to the 17 that are already up and running. Metro, the German retail giant has added two more wholesale outlets this year already, to add toContinue reading “India Grocery Retail Update: Walmart, Metro, Carrefour & Booker plans.”

Doing Business in the MIddle East: Healthcare & Education Industry Focus

750 schools being built, another 3200 to begin construction. In Saudi Arabia. Looking ahead into the not too distant future, say the year 2020, social infrastructure  like schools and hospitals are key to managing the growth that the Middle East markets will experience. Particularly Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Qatar- three of the stable, richContinue reading “Doing Business in the MIddle East: Healthcare & Education Industry Focus”

The Opportunity Triangle- Revealed.

At the FITT National Conference in Ottawa, I presented the concept of how Canada-India-Middle East combined, presents an Opportunity Triangle for Canadian businesses. One of the key barriers to Canada’s stellar performance in the global markets is our mindset of relying heavily on trade with the US market. Hence,  the lack of diversity in ourContinue reading “The Opportunity Triangle- Revealed.”

“A sense of calling from God..”. Reason to start a business in India.

“A sense of calling from God – if you want to see the exciting things I’m going to do in India, you should come.” So they came. So says Anna Hambly of Red Moon Bakery, New Delhi, who mov ed to India along with David Hambly, her husband, from British Columbia, Canada. [Picture courtesy: TheContinue reading ““A sense of calling from God..”. Reason to start a business in India.”

The Keystone Tipping Point in Canada’s International Trade

Newton’s Third Law of Motion- “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”- is in play in Canadian International Trade, following what I would like to call the Keystone Tipping Point. Consider some of these headlines in Canadian Media: Canada’s trade vision shifts beyond the United States/ The Globe and Mail Canada’s oilContinue reading “The Keystone Tipping Point in Canada’s International Trade”

The future is what you can see, today

I am not talking about fortune-telling. But business vision is, in a way, fortune-telling. Two and a half years back, when we wanted to name our strategy consultancy, we looked at the core of our business idea: we were getting into the business of helping companies reimagine their future growth by directing their focus to new, emerging,Continue reading “The future is what you can see, today”