The Healthcare Market in India & How to Succeed in India-the Abbott Experience.

“In a way that no spreadsheet or PowerPoint ever could, this experience [a visit to a local pharmacy in Mumbai] drove home to me how crucial it was for us at Abbott to be part of India’s health-care solution.”– Miles White, Chairman & CEO, Abbott Laboratories. Nothing succeeds like success. And here is a first person accountContinue reading “The Healthcare Market in India & How to Succeed in India-the Abbott Experience.”

Catching the Perfect Wave: A surfer’s guide to E-Commerce in India

An opportunity assessment on the potential of E-Commerce and the online retail market in India, for US, Canadian & Indian businesses. I chanced upon Kara’s Blog ‘The Beautiful Mess so far’ just as we all chance upon some great nuggets of thought and expression on the Web, these days. I was surfing Google’s search resultsContinue reading “Catching the Perfect Wave: A surfer’s guide to E-Commerce in India”

Opportunities in The Middle East Petrochemical Industries

McKinsey’s paper on the Middle East’s Petrochemical Industry is beneficial in two ways, however for two very different companies. At the first level it provides insights for the region’s petrochem industry on what they ought to do with an eye on the future. However it also gives a keen reader sitting in Canada or theContinue reading “Opportunities in The Middle East Petrochemical Industries”

Phenomenal business growth from Saudi Arabia for Canada

The Profit magazine and Business without Borders did a short piece on ‘Canada’s Hottest Markets’ of growth in trade between 2005 and 2009, this December. Guess who came on top? A market that had grown 164% in exports during this period. That huge consuming machine and one of the wealthiest nations of the world- SaudiContinue reading “Phenomenal business growth from Saudi Arabia for Canada”

Doing business with the Middle East

Rmagine in the media. The Managing Editor Jared Mitchell of Business without Borders met  with us  to present our point-of-view on the opportunitites that are in store for Canadian & US businesses in the Middle East . BWOB is a fresh news-and-analysis website dedicated exclusively to Canadian businesses looking to export, expand their operations and sales abroadContinue reading “Doing business with the Middle East”