Investing In India- your number one priority.

Jim Walker’s recent observations on India: The invest-in-India story is a 5-10-year event, not a one-year politically-induced rally. We are as positive on Indian stocks today, as we were eighteen months ago. Moody’s upgrade [of India] is appropriate… The government is committed to steady fiscal consolidation and I don’t think anyone should doubt it onContinue reading “Investing In India- your number one priority.”

Catching the Perfect Wave: A surfer’s guide to E-Commerce in India

An opportunity assessment on the potential of E-Commerce and the online retail market in India, for US, Canadian & Indian businesses. I chanced upon Kara’s Blog ‘The Beautiful Mess so far’ just as we all chance upon some great nuggets of thought and expression on the Web, these days. I was surfing Google’s search resultsContinue reading “Catching the Perfect Wave: A surfer’s guide to E-Commerce in India”

In business, you’ve got to skate to where the puck will be.

And not to where it is. Wayne Gretzky’s famous quote on how he plays ice hockey is absolutely true to business as well. Especially so, in today’s seismic shifts that are happening in the global marketplace. To those in business in Canada and the US, this maxim is a surefire test for how their corporateContinue reading “In business, you’ve got to skate to where the puck will be.”

“A sense of calling from God..”. Reason to start a business in India.

“A sense of calling from God – if you want to see the exciting things I’m going to do in India, you should come.” So they came. So says Anna Hambly of Red Moon Bakery, New Delhi, who mov ed to India along with David Hambly, her husband, from British Columbia, Canada. [Picture courtesy: TheContinue reading ““A sense of calling from God..”. Reason to start a business in India.”

The Keystone Tipping Point in Canada’s International Trade

Newton’s Third Law of Motion- “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”- is in play in Canadian International Trade, following what I would like to call the Keystone Tipping Point. Consider some of these headlines in Canadian Media: Canada’s trade vision shifts beyond the United States/ The Globe and Mail Canada’s oilContinue reading “The Keystone Tipping Point in Canada’s International Trade”

GE’s Jeff Immelt would like US business to do an Avis

Jeff Immelt, the CEO of GE, minces no words in his message to businesses in the US: “There are going to be one billion consumers joining the middle class in Asia. I think for us to reduce unemployment, exports are going to be a key way to do it,”  “It’s this country’s only destiny justContinue reading “GE’s Jeff Immelt would like US business to do an Avis”

Canada, India & the Middle East: The Opportunity Triangle

If you are in the business of International Trade or if you are a Canadian entrepreneur or SME looking to explore the potential for your business in global markets, this year’s FITT’s 14th National Conference: The Road to Trade Success must interest you. I will be one of the speakers at this event at HolidayContinue reading “Canada, India & the Middle East: The Opportunity Triangle”

Canadian business in India: A success story

” Waiting for the world to come to us is not an option…we have to go out to the world”. Joseph. P Repovs, the CEO and Bob Repovs, President and COO of Samco Machinery presented their India story at the breakfast meeting organized by the Toronto chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs [TiE], last week. TheContinue reading “Canadian business in India: A success story”

BRICS- A Dramatically Different World

BRIC: A term coined by Goldman Sachs in late 2001, today it rolls off the tongue of many, globally. At a time when South Africa has just joined the group [late April 2011], for it to be rechristened as BRICS, these findings from papers published by the Goldman Sachs Global Research Centre in 2003 andContinue reading “BRICS- A Dramatically Different World”

Canada’s second “home market”: India.

I believe developed markets, for the sake of their own sustenance, need to look outward and have to create what I’d like to call their second ‘home market’. As growth tapers and as a product’s ‘home market’ ages, the imperative is that it has to create it’s new second ‘home market’ in today’s shifting economicContinue reading “Canada’s second “home market”: India.”