Canada, India & the Middle East: The Opportunity Triangle

If you are in the business of International Trade or if you are a Canadian entrepreneur or SME looking to explore the potential for your business in global markets, this year’s FITT’s 14th National Conference: The Road to Trade Success must interest you. I will be one of the speakers at this event at Holiday Inn Plaza La Chaudiere, Gatineau, QC on June 7th & 8th, 2011.

Alex Alagappan, Rmagine at the FITT Conference

My presentation “Canada, India & the Middle East: The Opportunity Triangle” is to introduce to the Canadian Business community a perspective in global marketing that spotlights the links that exist between these three markets and how they can be leveraged for your business. For a business which understands this perspective will recognize the opportunity as unique. And hence the market entry strategy that the business adopts will take into account The Opportunity Triangle. And that strategy will multiply its reach in terms of the number of markets and without doubt, its sales.

Join us at the FITT conference to learn about this Opportunity Triangle and a host of other relevant subjects from diverse subject area experts. For more on the conference, the session details, speaker profiles  and to register:

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