Investing In India- your number one priority.

Jim Walker’s recent observations on India:

  • The invest-in-India story is a 5-10-year event, not a one-year politically-induced rally. We are as positive on Indian stocks today, as we were eighteen months ago.
  • Moody’s upgrade [of India] is appropriate… The government is committed to steady fiscal consolidation and I don’t think anyone should doubt it on that. And growth will turn up decisively in the next few months. Moody’s, at least, seems to comprehend what is going on.
  • If you are an investor looking at 3-10 years or longer, India should be your number one priority.

Jim Walker is the founder of Asianomics and the former chief economist of CLSA (Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia). Picked as the region’s best economist for 11 years running in a row by the Asiamoney Stockbrokers Poll, Jim is noted for his very far-sighted observations on how economies would pan out. To read his complete interview in the Economic Times, click here

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