BRICS- A Dramatically Different World

The potential of the BRICS economies, circa 2003

BRIC: A term coined by Goldman Sachs in late 2001, today it rolls off the tongue of many, globally. At a time when South Africa has just joined the group [late April 2011], for it to be rechristened as BRICS, these findings from papers published by the Goldman Sachs Global Research Centre in 2003 and an update in 2007 present a historic outlook of the promise that the developing economies of Brazil, Russia, China and India held, a decade back. [Without the dubious benefit of the  global recession that only served to accentuate the potential value of the BRIC nations vis-à-vis the developed economies]

Almost presciently, the researchers had some observations on South Africa as well, in 2003 and that’s captured in the excerpts presented here.
In its entirety, the outlook for the BRICS nations, seen in the numbers projected and playing out as we speak certainly paint a dramatically different world. Click on the image to take a look at what was predicted. And soon, you will be able to take a look at the status updated on these nations, as of 2010.

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