Owls to Athens, India to Indians

It’s like getting a German to have a beer. During Oktoberfest!! Or, as they used to say, gifting owls to the wise in Greece. That’s what I am going to be doing later today- selling India to Indians. Specifically, Indo Canadians or persons of Indian origin, living in Canada. The Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce [ICCC] in Toronto is conducting a seminar on ‘Doing Business with/in India’ and I will have the onerous task of persuading a largely Indo Canadian audience about the potential India holds as a global market of opportunity. Apart from me from Rmagine, there will be speakers from organizations like EDC, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade [MEDT], Deloitte and Touche.

My perspective for the presentation is not about ‘How to do business’ but largely ‘Why you MUST do business with India’. I believe, for any Canadian or US company who is interested in better growths and better profits, they need to re-imagineer their aspirations & business plans and look at global markets like India. If you are interested, click here for the event details or use the following link:      http://www.iccc.org/Website/ICCC/Calendar.nsf/vwLookupCalendarAllEventsByUNID/E31DD3D92864B565852577DE006D0C6F?OpenDocument&ppos=1&spos=0

Published by Alex Alagappan

Brand Builder. Ally. Strategist. Ideas Champ. Founder Partner. Chief Big Rain.

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