Owls to Athens, India to Indians

It’s like getting a German to have a beer. During Oktoberfest!! Or, as they used to say, gifting owls to the wise in Greece. That’s what I am going to be doing later today- selling India to Indians. Specifically, Indo Canadians or persons of Indian origin, living in Canada. The Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce [ICCC] in TorontoContinue reading “Owls to Athens, India to Indians”

Infrastructure Opportunities in India & EDC

It is great to hear  the head of Canada’s leading corporate in export development, EDC, talk about the opportunities in India. And that too as early as in 2007. All that Eric Siegel, President & CEO of EDC had to say then is still true and even more so. Because  the pace of development in IndiaContinue reading “Infrastructure Opportunities in India & EDC”