Phenomenal business growth from Saudi Arabia for Canada

The Profit magazine and Business without Borders did a short piece on ‘Canada’s Hottest Markets’ of growth in trade between 2005 and 2009, this December. Guess who came on top? A market that had grown 164% in exports during this period. That huge consuming machine and one of the wealthiest nations of the world- SaudiContinue reading “Phenomenal business growth from Saudi Arabia for Canada”

Owls to Athens, India to Indians

It’s like getting a German to have a beer. During Oktoberfest!! Or, as they used to say, gifting owls to the wise in Greece. That’s what I am going to be doing later today- selling India to Indians. Specifically, Indo Canadians or persons of Indian origin, living in Canada. The Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce [ICCC] in TorontoContinue reading “Owls to Athens, India to Indians”

“The 21st century belongs to India”, courtesy UK’s Telegraph

“….while the 19th century was Britain’s and the 20th century America’s, the 21st century surely belongs to India”. Telegraph”s writer may have gotten carried away a wee bit there but …you get the picture. Rmagine brings to Canadian and US readers, a glimpse of what media across Europe has to say about the opportunities in IndiaContinue reading ““The 21st century belongs to India”, courtesy UK’s Telegraph”