Doing Business in the MIddle East: Healthcare & Education Industry Focus

750 schools being built, another 3200 to begin construction. In Saudi Arabia.

Looking ahead into the not too distant future, say the year 2020, social infrastructure  like schools and hospitals are key to managing the growth that the Middle East markets will experience. Particularly Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia and Qatar- three of the stable, rich economies with well thought out growth plans.

Canadian and US companies in the education and healthcare sectors and those specializing in infrastructure and services related to these two sectors should sit up and take notice.

Players in the hugely successful private school system is one niche example  of a related opportunity. Are there plans to leverage your private school brand equity and management expertise? If a school is serious about global growth, the Middle East could promise you perhaps a half a dozen schools in the next five years.

The same goes for hospitals. Finding the right partner to lend their expertise is key.

To read the Gulf News article on these sectors:  gulfnews : Mideast needs more hospitals, schools.

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