Do you know how to stuff an elephant into a match box?

The Global Business Exchange 2010 is an event conducted by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters [CME], to be held tomorrow at the Steam Whistle Brewing in Toronto. The Seminar is all about businesses going global. I will be one of the speakers and my focus is on The India Opportunity and what it promises for the entrepreneur who dares to venture forth.

Do you know how to stuff an elephant into a match box? No? Neither do I. But that’s exactly what I am trying to do, trying to capture the potential that India holds for businesses that want a part of the action there, in the short time available to me. I must say that I have managed just the trunk….of the elephant I stuff into the proverbial matchbox. If you are interested in attending the event, here is the link or click here GBE 2010_1 . And if your are interested in my presentation, do check back. I intend posting it here on the Rmagine blog, after the event.

Published by Alex Alagappan

Brand Builder. Ally. Strategist. Ideas Champ. Founder Partner. Chief Big Rain.

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