Rmagine in the media. “One. Just one reason to invest in India”

Forget the ‘twentyone’ reasons why….. to do anything. We will keep it short and simple for all those Canadian and US businesses looking to expanding into new global markets. If you want to examine why your business may want to consider India, I have just one reason. To know more, I’d like you to takeContinue reading “Rmagine in the media. “One. Just one reason to invest in India””

Canada’s & EDC’s Oracle Peter Hall, on India.

EDC’s Vice President and Chief Economist Peter Hall does a Weekly Commentary on subjects that are of significance to Canada’s businesses, commerce and economic well-being. Maybe not just Canada’s well-being but the world’s. Earlier this year he went on this whirlwind 20 plus city tour of Canada as EDC’s one-man rock band or our own modern-day Oracle of Delphi, giving his insightfulContinue reading “Canada’s & EDC’s Oracle Peter Hall, on India.”

Owls to Athens, India to Indians

It’s like getting a German to have a beer. During Oktoberfest!! Or, as they used to say, gifting owls to the wise in Greece. That’s what I am going to be doing later today- selling India to Indians. Specifically, Indo Canadians or persons of Indian origin, living in Canada. The Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce [ICCC] in TorontoContinue reading “Owls to Athens, India to Indians”

Doing business with India….is a lot like losing weight.

Because….’you got to DO something about it’, if it is to happen.  The reason I make this point is that Canadian businesses are curious about doing business globally but that curiosity is yet to turn into action. We need to galvanize businesses to get into action mode and I feel that it is partly my responsibilityContinue reading “Doing business with India….is a lot like losing weight.”

Salut. To sommelier Lindsay Groves from Canada.

Who would have guessed? A 28 year old sommelier from Burlington, Ontario in Canada, sitting across from you at the bar in the Oberoi Hotel in Mumbai, India? India’s first foriegn female sommelier, as the Toronto Star writer claims in her piece on India uncorks its finest . I’d certainly like to raise a toast to Linsay’sContinue reading “Salut. To sommelier Lindsay Groves from Canada.”

Do you know how to stuff an elephant into a match box?

The Global Business Exchange 2010 is an event conducted by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters [CME], to be held tomorrow at the Steam Whistle Brewing in Toronto. The Seminar is all about businesses going global. I will be one of the speakers and my focus is on The India Opportunity and what it promises for the entrepreneur who daresContinue reading “Do you know how to stuff an elephant into a match box?”

Cameron’s Indian Summer of Opportunity

Continuing Rmagine’s spotlight on news coverage across the EU on the Indian economy and opportunities, here is another from the UK’s Telegraph…Liam Halligan, the chief economist at Prosperity Capital Management writes: “…..Indian commerce is these days about so much more than “cheap labour” call-centres and Bollywood movies. India is transforming itself into a manufacturing andContinue reading “Cameron’s Indian Summer of Opportunity”

How’s the automobile market in India? Ask Ford.

Would anybody like to take a guess at Ford’s scale of investment in India, in the last ten years? One billion dollars! And how many new models is Ford going to launch in India by 2015? Eight new models. Just two more indicators for auto parts/ancillary manufacturers from US and Canada to set shop in India. Ford’s ambitiousContinue reading “How’s the automobile market in India? Ask Ford.”

Tip for Canadian & US businesses- invest where Soros invests: India.

Following the 5% buy of the Indian Bombay Stock Exchange in May this year by Temasek [the Singapore sovereign fund], George Soros’ hedge fund has bought into a 4% stake in India’s premier stock exchange.  Just another robust indicator for where the Indian economy is heading and how comapanies doing business in India are expected to perform. ComingContinue reading “Tip for Canadian & US businesses- invest where Soros invests: India.”