How’s the automobile market in India? Ask Ford.

Would anybody like to take a guess at Ford’s scale of investment in India, in the last ten years? One billion dollars! And how many new models is Ford going to launch in India by 2015? Eight new models. Just two more indicators for auto parts/ancillary manufacturers from US and Canada to set shop in India. Ford’s ambitiousContinue reading “How’s the automobile market in India? Ask Ford.”

Tip for Canadian & US businesses- invest where Soros invests: India.

Following the 5% buy of the Indian Bombay Stock Exchange in May this year by Temasek [the Singapore sovereign fund], George Soros’ hedge fund has bought into a 4% stake in India’s premier stock exchange.  Just another robust indicator for where the Indian economy is heading and how comapanies doing business in India are expected to perform. ComingContinue reading “Tip for Canadian & US businesses- invest where Soros invests: India.”

Bloomberg news on India: Fastest Growing Economy by 2015.Canadian businesses looking to expand globally to take note.

In its recent report, Morgan Stanley has stated that as India doubles its infrastructure investment and adds-on a six fold increase in workforce by 2015, it may well become the fastest growing economy in the world. One more reason why Canadian businesses in infrastucture, healthcare, education, automotive, financial services, food, leisure & entertainment and many moreContinue reading “Bloomberg news on India: Fastest Growing Economy by 2015.Canadian businesses looking to expand globally to take note.”

Understand your potential partner in India.

A key question for any Candian or US entreprenuer seeking a partnership in going global would be ”How can I get to know more about how businessmen behave in that country”. There are some qualities that define an Indian entrepreneur and there would be specific questions about the partner one is considering. While Rmagine canContinue reading “Understand your potential partner in India.”

Doing business with the Middle East

Rmagine in the media. The Managing Editor Jared Mitchell of Business without Borders met  with us  to present our point-of-view on the opportunitites that are in store for Canadian & US businesses in the Middle East . BWOB is a fresh news-and-analysis website dedicated exclusively to Canadian businesses looking to export, expand their operations and sales abroadContinue reading “Doing business with the Middle East”

Infrastructure Opportunities in India & EDC

It is great to hear  the head of Canada’s leading corporate in export development, EDC, talk about the opportunities in India. And that too as early as in 2007. All that Eric Siegel, President & CEO of EDC had to say then is still true and even more so. Because  the pace of development in IndiaContinue reading “Infrastructure Opportunities in India & EDC”

Surge In Foreign Investment In Indian Auto & Power Sectors

Investment up by 106% and 52% respectively. Another reason why Canadian auto component manufacturers and power sector equipment manufacturers should be looking closely at India. To know more:

Go global….go India..go Middle East

“At the end of the day, there are those who will rise to a challenge and say, ‘I’ve waited long enough, I should get on a plane now. ” ‘I should investigate some of these markets.’ “. That’s a quote from Prof.Beamish in an article in the Post talking about how businessmen and entrepreneurs inContinue reading “Go global….go India..go Middle East”