Doing business with India….is a lot like losing weight.

Because….’you got to DO something about it’, if it is to happen.  The reason I make this point is that Canadian businesses are curious about doing business globally but that curiosity is yet to turn into action. We need to galvanize businesses to get into action mode and I feel that it is partly my responsibility to do that,  for you in turn to inspire others.

But before that, a word on why I am confident about that: because, we run a company called Rmagine, where it is our business to know about ‘doing business with India’. Rmagine, whose name comes from ‘re-imagining the future growth of businesses’ is a Market Entry Strategy Consultancy which works with Canadian and US companies who would like to expand into the Middle East and India markets. So it is our business to study these markets closely.

There is one other reason that the two are connected. They are both ‘bottomline driven’- doing business with India & losing weight. The first though is all about achieving a robust bottom-line while the second is the reverse. But fatter and robust indeed can the bottom lines of businesses be if you turned your eyes on India.

This is how I started my presentation at CME’s Global Business Exchange 2010 at Toronto’s Steam Whistle Brewery. My speech, as part of a panel of four speakers talking about the Opportunities in BRIC countries, aimed not only to showcase the India Opportunity but also serve as a clarion call to Canadian Industry and SMEs’ to act on such opportunities, not just in India but globally.

I believe that the single biggest barrier to Canada’s International trade and global presence is one of mindset and the oldest barrier in the marketing landscape- ‘habit’. But more on that later. In the meantime, if you are interested in knowing more about Doing business with India, take a look at my presentation The India Opportunity 


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