Tip for Canadian & US businesses- invest where Soros invests: India.

Following the 5% buy of the Indian Bombay Stock Exchange in May this year by Temasek [the Singapore sovereign fund], George Soros’ hedge fund has bought into a 4% stake in India’s premier stock exchange.  Just another robust indicator for where the Indian economy is heading and how comapanies doing business in India are expected to perform. Coming from the astute mind of bilionaire George Soros, no doubt after some very thorough analysis.

What has that to do with Canadian & US businesses? Nothing at all or everything. Depending on how businessmen look for indicators on where they should expand their businesses globally. Not only is Quantum, the Soros Hedge Fund, buying into the shares of successful Indian companies but it has now invested in the Stock Exchange where the majority of Indian businesses are listed and traded everyday [4900 listed companies; Market cap of $ 1.4 trillion]. And that I believe is a great statement for how anlysts, the world over, view the potential of India. One more reason why Canadian and US businesses should seriously evaluate the opportunity that India poses for their business.

As the Globe and Mail news that covers this says “With retail stock ownership still low and a booming economy, India’s stock markets are of increasing interest to foreign investors.” And so should it be of interest to Canada and US businesses. To read the Globe & Mail’s news on this go to:http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-investor/soros-buys-4-of-bombay-exchange/article1679685/

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