Go global….go India..go Middle East

“At the end of the day, there are those who will rise to a challenge and say, ‘I’ve waited long enough, I should get on a plane now. ” ‘I should investigate some of these markets.’ “. That’s a quote from Prof.Beamish in an article in the Post talking about how businessmen and entrepreneurs in Canada ought to look at the rest of the globe for survival and growth. While the  world is reeling under this recession, there are markets like India and the Middle East that are still having strong year on year GDP growths. Successful companies need to constantly rmagine their futures by examining the new markets that they can tap. Fortune favors the brave, the wise and the visionaries. Read more of the Post article,


Published by Alex Alagappan

Brand Builder. Ally. Strategist. Ideas Champ. Founder Partner. Chief Big Rain.

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